Cool Power LLC is a leading provider of mini-split systems in Nassau County, NY. We are ductless HVAC specialists and can help when you want to upgrade your home’s cooling system. Our team also offers mini-split repair services.

So, if you already have a mini-split system installed and it’s faulty, we can resolve that. Mini-splits are perfect when your home uses a duct-free cooling system like space heating. They’re also useful when you add an extension and existing ductwork doesn’t cover your new room.

Mini-splits provide lower heating and cooling costs as you can install many indoor units for each outdoor unit. This lets you find the perfect temperature for every room in your home. As you don’t have to heat or cool every room at once, you keep your utility costs down.

The room zoning is just one more feature of mini-split air conditioning that can transform your home. Ductless mini-splits are small yet surprisingly powerful despite this. They take up almost no room and fit on your ceiling or wall, wherever is convenient.