Put Cool Powers service plan to work for you.

heating-cooling_Section-1-Static-ImageYou can feel confident knowing that a professional repair technician is on call for you when you need us most. Our trucks are fully equipped with parts to repair almost any emergency right on the spot. With our Maintenance Agreement, you are entitled to 15% off the service call Trip charges during business hours and after hour calls, also for parts and labor outside of the equipment warranty. Also will receive 1 priority maintenance on the designated AC system.

Our preventative maintenance and safety check not only minimizes the chances of an untimely breakdown, it will also help maximize the efficiency to reduce your fuel/electric bill and reduce pollen, pet dander and dust throughout the home during the allergy season.

Our Maintenance Agreement is tailored to meet your needs with our fully certified technicians. By its nature, it directs us to provide you with preferential service ahead of all other work. It also allows you to take advantage of our discount part schedule and engineering staff.

Work to be performed on the AC

  • Clean outdoor condenser coils 1 time per year with non-chemical solution
  • Check all of the following- Belts, Motors, Amps, Voltage,
  • Lubricate all moving parts as needed
  • Check and replace standard fiberglass air filters
  • Inspect refrigerant levels
  • Inspect and test pulleys
  • Inspect all electrical connections for excessive wear
  • Check and test all safety controls
  • Calibrate thermostat, if needed

Please note All Media filters are chargeable and humidifier water pads are not included and will be billed at time of maintenance when necessary.

Work to be performed on the Gas Heating

  • Check & adjust burner
  • Check & adjust belts
  • Check amperage draw of all motors
  • Lube all serviceable motors & bearings
  • Check all safety controls
  • Clean draft diverter & inspect chimney
  • Adjust fuel pressure if needed
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Check/ replace air filter

Please note Media filters will be chargeable.

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The usual and customary exclusions will apply. The following are some examples of the major items that are excluded but are not limited to and Subject to charges for the repairs:

  1. Electric beyond the interior and exterior control panel.
  2. Any work required modifying, complying with codes or additional components if required.
  3. The equipment when serviced by others.
  4. Access situations that inhibit our service or safety.
  5. Delays beyond our control.
  6. Replacement of coils, and heat exchanges. Labor charges may apply
  7. Replacement of equipment. Labor charges may apply
  8. Rigging or trucking expenses. Labor charges will apply
  9. Boil and piping repairs
  10. Repairs associated with the operation of the equipment under the following situations:
    1. Improper usage
    2. Acts of God
    3. Unlawful civil action and vandalism
    4. Voltage variations outside manufacturer allowable tolerances

Any work required that falls outside of our Maintenance agreement will be an additional charge. Some examples of these would be: High pressure coil cleaning, Boiler Cleaning, and Motor Rebuilding. Will be chargeable calls and priced out as needed to repair.
Taxes and fees apply.