Duct cleaning is something that has been discussed quite a bit in recent years. It can provide many benefits when done by an experienced, certified HVAC company in Long Island, N.Y. This article will explain some of the benefits and provide a brief overview of how the process works.

Improved HVAC Efficiency and Lower Energy Costs

Most experts recommend having your home’s ductwork cleaned every three to five years or so. This process can help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and improve the quality of your indoor air. Dust, pet hair, lint and other debris continually collect inside a duct system over time and eventually start making the system less effective.

Dirty supply ducts can be an issue since they can lead to lots of dust collecting on both the cage that surrounds the HVAC blower and the AC evaporator coil. When the blower cage gets caked in dust, it can make it nearly impossible for the blower to circulate the volume of air it needs for the system to cool and heat effectively. A thick layer of dust on the evaporator coil will also reduce the effectiveness of your AC. A layer of dust basically insulates or shields the coil so that the refrigerant in the system can’t capture nearly as much heat from the air flowing through it.

Your AC evaporator coil should always be cleaned annually as part of a preventative maintenance service. The blower should usually be cleaned twice a year when your AC and heating are maintained. However, dirty ductwork will still cause the coil and blower to get dirty much more quickly and limit the effectiveness of your HVAC system.

The supply ductwork is where air is drawn into the system. If this part of the duct system is dirty, it will cause the system’s air filter to clog much more quickly. When the filter clogs up, it typically leads to the system drawing air in from other places. This means that much of the air coming into the system won’t get properly filtered. As a result, you’ll end up with much more dust and debris getting into your furnace and the air handler, where the blower and evaporator coil are located.

Reduced Static Pressure

Another reason why dirty ductwork lessens the efficiency of an HVAC system and makes it heat and cool less effectively has to do with something known as static pressure. Static pressure refers to how much resistance air encounters as it travels through a ductwork system. Ideally, the static pressure in an HVAC system should be as low as possible to allow the system to effectively circulate a sufficient volume of air.

When ductwork is clean, air can flow smoothly and encounter very little resistance. When there is a lot of dust caked up inside the ducts, it creates resistance. It essentially acts like a barrier that stops the air from flowing through as smoothly. High static pressure reduces the volume of air that a system can circulate, which leads to less hot or cool air blowing out of the vents. The system will heat or cool more slowly. This also places more strain on the blower and can lead to it using more electricity since it must work harder to circulate air around the house. This increased strain can also shorten the blower’s lifespan or potentially cause it to break down and need to be repaired. There is a chance that the blower could overheat and cause the system to shut down or draw too much energy and trip the circuit breaker.

Quieter HVAC Operation

High static pressure doesn’t just make an HVAC system less effective; it also leads to it making more noise. You’ll almost always be able to hear the air moving through the ducts, even when the static pressure is low. When the static pressure is high, you’ll be able to hear the air loudly rushing through the ducts instead of just gently flowing. It can also lead to the ducts constantly rattling. If there are any holes or gaps in your ductwork, the air rushing out of them can also make a loud whistling noise when the static pressure is higher.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system always circulates some amount of dust and allergens throughout your house. However, you’ll end up with much more dust, allergens and debris flowing out of your vents if your ductwork is overly dirty. Getting your ducts cleaned will lessen this effect and keep the air quality in your home better. It also has the added bonus of keeping your home from being dusty.

Overcome Odors and Make Your Home Smell Cleaner

One common issue that many homes have is that the air blowing out of vents often smells dirty or musty. Mold and bacteria growth that commonly occur on an AC evaporator coil can contribute to this. However, the main reason that HVAC systems put out musty, smelly air is due to dirty ductwork.

Some homes also tend to have issues with mold and mildew growing inside their ducts, which is another thing you can overcome with a duct cleaning service. By having your ducts professionally cleaned, you can eliminate moldy and musty odors, so your home smells fresher and cleaner.

How a Professional Duct Cleaning Service Works

Cleaning your ducts yourself is essentially impossible since most of the ductwork system is hard to reach. There are a few different options that HVAC technicians can use to clean a home’s ducts. The process usually involves using an industrial-strength vacuum to suck out all the dust and debris. This allows technicians to effectively clean the duct system and collect all the debris from the ducts without it getting spread around.

The technicians will usually start by using a special revolving brush with a long, flexible handle to loosen up all the debris inside the entire length of the duct system. They will then close or seal up all but one of the supply vents where the conditioned air from your HVAC system flows out. This helps to prevent dust from blowing out of the vents. However, the main purpose of sealing the vents is that it allows the vacuum to create negative air pressure so that it can easily suck everything out of the entire system.

The technician will then go around the house and use the vacuum to completely clean every branch of the duct system. In some cases, they may cut a hole in different parts of the ducts and attach the vacuum this way instead of sucking everything out through different vents.

If you need to have your ducts cleaned or require any other indoor air quality service, you can count on the experienced professionals at Cool Power LLC. We have nearly 50 years of experience serving customers in Ronkonkoma and throughout Long Island. Our team is ready to handle any of your indoor air quality, heating and air conditioning needs. Contact Cool Power LLC today to learn more about the benefits of duct cleaning or to schedule a duct cleaning service and ask us about our maintenance agreements.

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