If warm weather has you tossing and turning at night, it may be time for air conditioner service. A malfunctioning cooling system could be detrimental to your sleep, but an AC repair technician can identify and fix the problem. Once your air conditioner is running well, you may sleep better all summer long.

Achieve a Better Sleeping Temperature

Most people sleep best when the bedroom is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A cool room lowers your body’s core temperature, which helps transition you toward sleepiness.

Your body releases more of the hormone melatonin in cooler environments. Melatonin gives your body a heads-up that it’s time to wind down for the night. As a result, studies show that people fall asleep faster in cool rooms. Melatonin keeps working throughout the night so that you can move through each phase of the sleep cycle.

Air conditioners are designed to remove heat from your home, but an inefficient or faulty air conditioner may not reach the low temperatures that you prefer for sleeping. This could happen when your system is low on refrigerant. The evaporator coils or the filter could be caked with dirt. There might be a part, such as the compressor, that needs to be replaced.

Also, air conditioners tend to become less efficient as they age because of general wear and tear on the system. If your air conditioner is between 10 and 20 years old, you may no longer be getting the same level of performance out of it that you once were.

Lower the Humidity

Just as a too-hot room can disrupt sleep, a too-humid room can also interfere with your rest. You may toss and turn as you try to cool down and get comfortable. Even after you drift off, high humidity can cause you to sweat profusely during the night. You might wake up with drenched sheets or pajamas.

A well-running air conditioner helps remove excess moisture from your indoor air. As the warm air from your house blows across the air conditioner’s evaporator coil, the water vapor in the air condenses. The condensed water travels down the drain line and out of your home. When the air blows back into your room, it contains less water vapor than it did before.

If your air conditioner isn’t effectively reducing indoor humidity, the coils may need cleaning or repair. It’s also possible that the system is short on refrigerant, which might indicate that there’s a leak somewhere.

While repairs may be the first step to humidity relief, adding a whole-home dehumidifier to your cooling system can be useful as well.

Eliminate Loud Noises

Strange noises can be the first sign that an air conditioner is ready for repair. Some units bang or buzz. Others squeal or shriek. Additional possibilities include rattles, hisses, knocks and clanks.

No matter which type of sound your air conditioner suddenly starts to make, it’s likely to come as a surprise. Loud noises that act up in the middle of the night can be especially startling. They may even wake you from a deep sleep.

Fixing the fan motor could clear up a shrieking sound. Replacing the compressor might stop a bang. Tightening a few loose screws may be all it takes to silence a rattling air conditioner.

Keep the Windows Closed

If your air conditioner isn’t cutting it, you may be sleeping with the windows cracked. Open windows can let in all sorts of creepy-crawly critters. In addition to landing on you while you try to drift off, these insects may also bite or sting. The itchy welts these bugs leave behind can make your sleeping issues even worse.

Open windows also allow in more outside noise. Heavy traffic on your street or neighbors conversing loudly at midnight could disrupt your restful sleep. Wind or rain blowing in on a stormy night might wake you as well.

Breathe Better at Night

Dust and other allergens in your indoor air can lead to various respiratory troubles, such as a stuffy nose or a scratchy throat. Those symptoms are especially likely to develop as you breathe slowly and deeply throughout the night.

If your indoor air quality is a problem, the cleanliness of your cooling system may be to blame. A technician can inspect your air conditioning system to look for dirt buildup. For instance, you may need a new filter to help you breathe better. Dust may also be hiding on the vents and in the ductwork. After cleaning the system, installing an air purifier could provide additional allergy relief.

Bring in Fresh Air

If you sleep with your doors and windows closed and the cooling system off, there may not be a lot of air movement going on in your room at night. Each time you breathe in, you are removing a bit of oxygen from the air supply in the room. With every breath out, you are putting some carbon dioxide into the space.

Elevated levels of carbon dioxide in your environment could keep you from getting into a good REM cycle. Since that’s when you achieve deep sleep, you may wake up feeling groggy or poorly rested.

Fortunately, when your AC is running well, the system pulls stale air out of the room and delivers a fresh supply throughout the night. That’s great because research shows that reducing the overnight carbon dioxide level helps people feel more alert and focused the next day.

Program Your Cooling

Installing a smart thermostat with the help of an AC service technician would give you more control over the temperature of your house at bedtime and beyond. If a chilled room helps you fall asleep quickly, then set the air conditioner to drop the temp right before bed.

Think about having the temperature rise a degree or two during your prime sleeping hours. Doing might keep you from getting too cool once your core temperature has dropped overnight, and it could also help you save on the electricity bill.

Finally, you might want to program the thermostat to your ideal morning temperature. That way, you’ll be comfortable from the moment your feet hit the floor.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Most people sleep better when they’re not stressed and worried. If your air conditioner has been showing signs of a problem, then you might fret about it each night as you lie in bed. Worst-case scenarios playing through your mind can hold you back from the rest you need.

A repair call could provide the peace of mind that will help restore your rest. The sooner you know what the problem is, the better equipped you’ll be to deal with it.

When you’re ready for a good night’s sleep, call Cool Power LLC in Ronkonkoma. Your heating and cooling systems will be in trustworthy hands with our experienced technicians. We offer repair service, maintenance and installation for air conditioners and furnaces. Reach out today to schedule an appointment for heating or cooling care.

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