Upon hearing local forecasters warn of upcoming soaring temperatures and seeing the outside thermometer quickly increase in degrees, you’re probably inclined to turn the air conditioner at home on at full blast. While doing so can temporarily enhance comfort in your living space, cranking the air conditioner too high can actually damage the unit. Learning how to keep your dwelling at a moderate temperature and your air conditioner functioning optimally is crucial for a comfortable home and an efficient cooling system.

Choose the Ideal Temperature

You may simply be setting your air conditioner to a temperature that is unnecessarily low. If you’ve never experimented with adjusting the thermostat before, try out different settings. One of our team members can also discuss the ideal temperature for your home with you. Keep in mind that the optimal temperature can vary based on the age of your home’s residents and any health conditions they may have, so consult with a medical professional as well.

Update Your Home’s System

An older system is likely to struggle to keep up with your home’s cooling demands. Exactly how often you should upgrade or replace the air conditioning system depends on a few factors, and our technicians can assess your home’s needs. The additional stress on an older system might cause the unit to fail to function properly. You may notice warmer temperatures in the home even when the air conditioning is on, or the system may prematurely break down. Upgrading your equipment with a replacement can keep your home comfortable while the new system works at an optimal efficiency level.

Get the Appropriate System

Even if your system isn’t that old, the air conditioner you have now might not be suited to your home. For example, the unit may not be able to cover the square footage of the living space. In this situation, you could be constantly turning the temperature down lower and putting strain on the equipment. One of our team members can address this issue and help you determine the best system for your premises.

Choose Zone Cooling

A zone system gives you greater control over your dwelling. Consider an example of a two-story house without a zone system. The air conditioning system will have to work hard to keep both floors cooled to the same temperature. A zone system allows you to customize the temperatures for different parts of the house. If the bedrooms are located on the second floor, you could turn the temperature up during the day and blast cold air on the first floor only. Then, at night, you could switch the temperatures to provide a tranquil, cool haven for sleeping. A zone system allows you to save energy by giving you control over what parts of the house are cool at certain times.

Install a Programmable System

If your home’s air conditioning system already has a programmable thermostat, now is the time to start using it. Otherwise, consider upgrading to a programmable system. Programming the temperature gives you greater control and allows for reduced energy usage too. For example, when you’re out at work, the home’s air conditioning doesn’t need to work at full blast. However, you may still want to keep the air conditioning on to some degree. Pets might be at home, or you may want the living space to be cool when you return from a sweltering day at work. Instead of leaving the air conditioning on full blast all day, you can simply set the system to increase or decrease the degree at the appropriate times.

Opt for a Smart System

A smart system is also programmable, but you’ll have even more control. You might depart from the house one day and forget to adjust the temperature to a higher degree. Instead of leaving the air conditioner running all day, you can simply adjust the settings from your smartphone. It’s also possible that the weather forecast could change throughout the day. You may realize, for example, that the change means that the temperature at home doesn’t have to be so low. Getting a smart system means that you have control even when you aren’t at home. A smart system can also be great if you forget to increase the temperature downstairs at night. Instead of having to get out of bed, you can simply make the changes from your phone.

Turn on the Fan

You’d be surprised how modern fans can work to cool down the home. An efficient ceiling fan could reduce the temperature in a room to the point that you don’t need to turn the air conditioning on at all on days that don’t get too hot.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is not a replacement for an air conditioner. On the hottest days of summer, you’re still likely to need to use the air conditioning. Coupled with other strategies, though, such as running a high-powered fan, turning on the dehumidifier can reduce the home temperature on the milder days of summer and improve your indoor air quality, too!

Reduce Oven Usage

Improving your home’s air conditioning system is one strategy to bolster the comfort of the living space. However, you can also make adjustments to how you use your home’s other appliances. For example, if the oven is regularly on at high temperatures, the air conditioner is going to have to work harder to cool the house down. Instead of opting for heavy, roasted meals in the summer, turn on the grill and head outside to enjoy a cool breeze while you dine, or opt for lighter recipes that require preparation on the stove. Save baking for the winter months.

Check the Lightbulbs

Something as small as the lightbulbs in your home could be putting extra pressure on the air conditioner. Incandescent bulbs, for example, produce more heat. If you have all of the lights on, your air conditioner may need to work harder to keep up. Replacing incandescent bulbs can help to bring the temperature down in your home. When switching out light bulbs, make certain you’re choosing bulbs that are appropriate for the fixture. Installing the wrong lightbulb could lead to a fire.

Cover the Windows

If you’re sitting outside by the pool or ocean on a moderate day, the sun can feel delightful on your skin. However, in the middle of the summer, the sun beaming into the house can become uncomfortable and produce the need for the air conditioner to work even harder. By keeping the windows covered during the day, you’re likely to feel cooler without needing to turn the temperature down on the AC.

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